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  Welcome to the world of Ormus how it can help you reach your potential in life and health.

Ormus, more easily understood as essential minerals abundantly found in seawater and previously unknown to modern scientist; a researcher, David Hudson, rediscovered these essential elements by accident.

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 We want to introduce you toour Ormus Minerals For Plants Products updated this Spring 2019, r and want to share all about Ormus with you.
After over 8 million dollars of extensive testing and observation, these minerals showed fantastic and mystical behaviors detectable in not only plants, but also the human body and the mind.
     Monatomic elements in a high spin state (m-state) is another name for these minerals. Thought to be super conductive and super fluid, they may benefit every living cell by improving energy flow. A good visual example, described by Barry Carter, is to imagine new batteries put into your cell phone and fixing the antenna for an increase in communication ability.

(Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) or ORMUS

  We would like to invite you on the journey of learning and experiencing ORMUS and its many benefits for yourself.

  This journey can take two paths with first using and experiencing ORMUS minerals for your self.

 The second way is actually learning on how to make your own ORMUS and sharing the Ormus and knowledge you have learned with others.

 Either way you are about to start an exciting path of learning and discovery on a journey to better health and more energy.

 The journey to the energy and minerals of the ocean in a way you have never experienced before.

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