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Ormis Minerals -Fulvic Acid Minerals for Hydroponics

 Ormus Minerals - Fulvic Acid Minerals and Humic

 Fulvic acid for plants is very much a miracle of sorts. It acts in a manner that without being able to "piggy back" on the fulvic acid many minerals and much needed nutrients would never make it to the plant in a form that could be absorbed.
 This means in many cases the difference between healthy plants growing to their potential and unhealthy shriveled plants short of nutrients and a step away from death is the presence of fulvic acid in their "diet. It's rare when one element can carry such overall weight but in this case it's completely true and wise not to ignore.

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Fulvic Acid

INGREDIENTS: Fulvic Acid Minerals - 32,000 ppm natural assortment of 60+ Colloidal Minerals

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Ormus Minerals Fulvic Acid Minerals for Hydroponics


 More About Fulvic Acid for Plants

* A All Natural Mineral. The end result of tens of thousands of years of evolution fulvic acid is a natural mineral that can't be replaced for all the ways it positively affects plant growth.

Synthetic chemicals don't compare or come close. In addition to the near 70 different trace elements and minerals one fulvic acid molecule carries with it it also serves to greatly expand a plants ability to store and utilize water. These factors all work together to encourage explosive growth.

 * Fulvic Acid Assimilates Other Important Nutrients and Minerals. Fulvic acid when in the soil helps turn other minerals and nutrients it contacts into a more fluid and absorb able form carrying them along with it into plants hungry for nutrition. It even boosts the immune systems of the plant in the process protecting it from harmful organisms and chemical alike.

 * As Useful in Hydroponic Gardening as in Soil. Recent discoveries have shown fulvic acid for plants to be as remarkable useful in hydroponic plant cultivation as it is in the more traditional plant growing methods in soil.
  * Fulvic Acid Supplementation Boosts Defense Against Climate Changes. Plants fed fulvic acid containing nutrients have been proven to be more resilient to climate shifts and to a greater degree protected against other stresses including poor cultivation practices. Humidity and moisture concerns are also less gravely dangerous to plants that are fueled with fulvic acid.
 * Acts as Free Radical Scavenger. Fulvic acid rounds up and supplies vital electrolytes as it works it's magic in the soil covering another important area needed for the best opportunity for plant life. It shows a remarkable ability to establish and maintain the electrochemical balance intended by nature and often compromised in modern environments free of fulvic acid.


 We can see the many different areas covered by fulvic acid for plants makes it the smartest of choices whether we use traditional soil, hydroponics or some combination of the two.

 Making sure you purchase fulvic acid from a reputable source is, of course, another important factor to consider.

  With many companies cutting corners and trying to cash in on this nutrients shining reputation and rising popularity, make sure you don't fall for those sort of tricks - stick with the brands we recommend here and you won't be sorry.
Just don't forget to thank us when you're plants start growiing.


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